Every Year 3.5 Million Kids Age 14 and Younger are Treated For Sports Related Injuries.

Want to Keep Your Child Athlete Safe This Season?

Prevent Sports Injuries Before They Happen

50% of Sports Related Injuries are Preventable

We help youth and professional athletes who want to perform better and prevent injury reach their full potential.

As a parent I know how scary it is when one of our kids gets hurt.  If you are a parent, coach or athlete you also know how frightening a sudden sports injury can be. Who do you see when you get hurt? When is it safe to return to play?  To help parents like you find answers we partnered with SCORE PERFORMANCE - Oklahoma’s Choice for Preventative Sports Medicine.

We continue to provide athletes with a proven method of Fast Pain Relief through Active Release Technique . And now through a partnership with SCORE PERFORMANCE we can identify injury risk before it happens. What if you could prevent…

  • Chronic Ankle instability
  • ACL injuries
  • Shoulder and other non-contact sports injuries


  • Safe Return to Play Criteria
  • Reduced risk factors for injuries
  • Pre and post-season screenings
  • Clinics for seasoned coaches and volunteer parents

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